Brief info

Zach was born in Indiana. He grew up in Indianapolis, has lived in Colorado and Alaska, but considers California his home. Drake began his education at Indiana University and later completed his Bachelor of Arts in Counseling at TMU. He later pursued his Master of Divinity at The Master’s Theological Seminary in Sun Valley, California. Following graduation, Drake helped start a new church in Santa Monica and served there for six years. Since then, he has also worked as a hospital chaplain for the Providence Health Care Network at three different hospitals in Los Angeles. In addition to his ministry responsibilities at CBC, Drake also currently serves as a chaplain for the Santa Monica Police Department. Drake is also a certified counselor with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC). He enjoys soccer, golf, tennis, snowboarding, and riding horses. He is forever grateful for the life the Lord Jesus has given him and would like to spend the rest of it telling others about his grace.